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Albanian National Child Helpline - ALO 116

Albanian National Child Helpline (ALO 116 ANCH) is a free service available to children and youth 24/7.

This service is supported by UNICEF and implemented by Albania CRCA / DCI Albania in cooperation with mobile and fixed line companies that operate in the country.

ANCH was officially launched on 1 June 2009;

At ALO 116 comes on average about 400 calls / day, or approximately 16-17 calls every hour;

Children call because they are in need of counseling and referral;

Counselor who receives the calls evaluates their concern and then treats or refer them to governmental or nongovernmental institutions;

In some cases children need emergency help or services; and

During the first year of the work of this service we have received more than 140,000 phone calls where:

- 10 percent of them report forms of violence and abuse;

- 22 percent of calls are to report violence and maltreatment or bulling phenomenon;

- 6 percent of calls are to talk about suicide thoughts;

- 32 percent seek information on reproductive health and interpersonal relationships;

- 17 percent talk about problematic relationships in their family and the problems of divorce in the family; and

- 13 percent of calls refer to the request for information and advices on drugs, smoking, alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

Other Statistics

- Referral calls last in average of 10-12 minutes; the duration of consulting calls is 22-25 minutes;

- 48 percent of calls are made by boys, 20 percent are girls and 32 percent don't say if they are boys or girls;

- The service is used mostly by children between 9-18 years. Young people between 19-20 years of age also call the Helpline for counseling;

- ANCH has include 12 counselors and 2 supervisors who provide service 24/7; and

- A considerable number of calls are also made from parents or other persons who care about children.